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I guess this guy's just satisfied to pile up huge meaningless numbers and get paid well for it. Sort of like Trevor Hoffman as a cleanup hitter.

Whatever floats your boat, brother.

As for Little Abner, I've always been puzzled by his continued status as anything but a joke.

Willie Montanez

Imagine how many meaningless RBI he could pile up playing for the Nats - in fact, all of them would be meaningless RBI.


Well, Washington IS close to his hometown of Baltimore. But that's a bigger package than the guy can expect elsewhere, and Boras usually goes for the biggest package, because that gives Boras a bigger cut. And Boras IS only after the dough. Sadly, he convinces most of his clients to believe the same thing.


The title of this post gave me a great big laugh. Thanks, I needed that on a Monday morning.


I really hope that Tex goes to Washington; then everyone will know that it is only about the money for him.

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