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executive office suites

I agree with Tokyokie, and I expect someone would be better this year.



I had a feeling CB and CD would respond.


I bought a six pack at the one on Memorial Drive once. High prices, indifferent service, limited selection. Just what you want in a package store.


I once bought vodka from Azrar's. I had to provide my own brown bag.


Well, with the Peavy deal falling through - I see us sticking with Yesco for the long-term (unless he's REALLY on Bobby shit-list). I'm pretty happy with that. Hopefully Escobar's head is catching up with his talent.

Also, I'm curious as to whether anyone on this blog has every bought any booze from Azar's. The only two I know of know are the Azar's with the lookout by the Ted and the one on Memorial by Daddy D'z. Where/are there any others?


I'd love to get Furcal back; the Braves haven't had a real leadoff hitter since he left. And the length of contract he's seeking should give the team enough time to develop his replacement. Hopefully, they can develop an entire left side of the infield.

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