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Drunk by Noon

How bout ya, D'man? Woof!!!! How bout them Dawgs!! We pullin out in about 3 hours for Tempe, man, if you want to ride with us. It's gonna be a PARTY, brutha! We takin the converted school bus with the big Uga head on the front. Bring it on. We can use a little help paying for the gas. GO DAWGS!!


Chipper's a pussy. Matthugh Staford is a real man. His fire and determenashun against that sonofabitch Spurreier was an example to every man in georgia. Screw them damn libral's in the media who refuse to give the dawgs their due. We much better than USC -- both of 'em. Ain't no way no limp writes from hollywood gonna beat us dawgs.

Scott Munn

I agree with CD and Wuky. We need this guy to stay around as long as he wants to and get to 500 homers if possible so we'll have something to show besides the pennants and one Series win to the future generations. ...I sure hope the Braves don't trade him forjack squat like they mis-treated Dale Murphy when they gave him to the Phillies for Jeff Parrot and Jim Vatcher! Chipper stays and gets a statue - that's my vote!


Couldn't agree with you more, CD. Chipper is a first-ballot HOFer who's spent his entire illustrious career with the Braves. Can't say that about too many players these days. I hope he finishes his career with us, even if he misses 30-40 games per year.

And on top of it all, I think he enjoys mentoring the younger guys. Who better for Franceour, Schaefer, Escobar, et al, to learn from??

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