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I'm afraid that next year we're looking at an everyday lineup of 1B Kotchman, 2B Prado, SS Escobar, 3B Chipper, C McCann, LF KJ, CF Anderson and RF Francouer. Add a few minor changes to the pitching staff, and you've got a team that doesn't scare anybody but its own fans. But John Malone will be looking at a payroll that's around $50 million lighter, and that's all he cares about.


It was difficult to mock the Mets fans near me last night after we fell behind by four runs (thanks KJ!) but somehow the four bottles of Bud Light in me and my object disdain for the Mets helped me to persevere.

Some Other Mike

That busted rundown in the 8th made me jump up from my seat and stomp around in disbelief and disgust.


I still want KJ's bat in the lineup, but someone needs to tell him that he's either going back to the outfield or he's going to the exit.

Willie Montanez

I was ready to send Sharon Egan down to the clubhouse to kick some ass after last night's game.

I am assuming the sole purpose for Prado playing LF is to see if he can add back-up OF to his utilityman resume for '09. I agree with you on KJ - it is nice of think we have a non-roided up 2B with an .800 OPS, but I think that defense will keep coming back to haunt us.

How did Kotchman ever put up an .800+ OPS in the AL? Is there a stat for weak grounders hit to right side of the IF? He has to lead both leagues in that category?

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