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I am flabbergasted too. Ned Yost? Captain Queeg?

Bobby's management style suited the Smoltz, Glavine, Maddux super players with comaraderie, friendly competition, team spirit and a fierce desire to be the best. Andruw would never have gotten the focus he had if Bobby hadn't stayed on him and become a father figure. He was really frustrated when fines didn't work, and even pulled him out of a game one memorable night when Andruw casually trotted over, let the ball drop and caught it on a hop.

Management is not one size fits all. The past few seasons he has been saddled with Mike Hampton - help me out guys with all the others - injuries to his best players, pitchers who will never become a Glavine, Smoltz, Avery, or Maddux. OK, guess I've made my point.

Bobby does need to change with the times, but there's a limit to how much chicken soup you can make with a drumstick.

Sharon Egan

There's a very big middle ground between Buck Showalter, Ozzie Guillen, Hal McRae etc. and Bobby's approach, which often seems to be "Show up to work on time, keep any bitching and moaning in the clubhouse, and you'll be one of my guys." Joe Maddon has benched B.J. Upton at least twice this season for not hustling, and I don't hear anybody calling Maddon Captain Queeg or accusing him of showing up a player. There are some guys in the Braves dugout who don't run out ground balls and forget double-play situations in September; would it be so terrible for the manager to make the occasional example of someone?

Willie Montanez

Yes, the ass-kicking approach to management yields such great results in professional sports (as it does in the business world). Look at all of the success that managers like Buck Showalter have had.

Sharon - Sarcasm aside, I hope you are right about Andruw in '09 - I would like to see him return to being a productive player.

Sharon Egan

I'd be willing to bet either Andruw does report to Torre down 25 pounds and in reasonable shape for the first time in years, or the Dodgers will cut him and eat the second year of the contract. They damn sure won't put him out in center field every day and hope for the best. And I could not care less whether Bobby is publicly respected by players, coaches and GMs around the league. I care whether his laissez-faire approach was the best way to get maximum effort from recent clubs, as it was in the 90s. Maybe yes, maybe no; I personally think he needs to be more demanding now.

Willie Montanez

I look forward to seeing Joe Torre and the Dodger management whipping Andruw Jones into shape during the offseason and making him see the error of his ways.

Of course everyone's methods of dealing with major league players are better than those of Bobby Cox. That is why he will never have any success (nor the respect of the baseball community) as a manager.

Sharon Egan

Boyer does deserve a good ass-kicking. For that matter, if Andruw feared a verbal butt-whuppin from coaches and management, he might not have dragged his 250-pound-plus fat, unconditioned behind into every spring training his last few years with the Braves. The Dodgers, at least, won't tolerate what the Braves, the consummate "player's organization," will.


Better yet, Bobby should lock the clubhouse doors and throw away Blaine Boyer's keys.

Willie Montanez

Yes - Bobby Cox should close the clubhouse doors and kick Blaine Boyer in the ass until he pitches like a 1996 version of John Smoltz.

Sharon Egan

I'd be a lot more optimistic about Bobby being the guy to set the Braves on course again, and a lot more sanguine about his public unwavering support of Ned and everyone else who ever coached or played under him, if I thought he gave the necessary kicks in the ass when the clubhouse doors were closed.

However, I suspect he doesn't do that now -- if he has at all in the last few years.


RE: Ned Yost - what Rosenthal says is very similar to what Peter Pasquareli has been saying on the ESPN Baseball Today podcast for a while now.

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