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Actually the last straw for Yost in Milwaukee might've come over the weekend when he had lefty Brian Shouse walk Howard and pitch to Pat Burrell. PB homered to put the Phils up for good, but with the way Howard's been going Neddy was in a no-win situation.


I like the way Joe and Boog went on about how much worse Howard is against lefties, then he hits one about 375, then another one about 410 off two lefties. Of course, Infante should've caught the first one.

Viva Rufino Linares!

Just thinking that as long as we take another 2 out of 3 from the Mets, that would make me happy. We haven't had much luck against the Phils this year, so I'm not expecting any miracles against them. Hopefully, Moylan comes back strong next year. After that, not sure what to think. I do like Gonzo a great deal despite his trouble @ The Ted. The bullpen for every team seems to be a question mark almost every year. Usually, it's the pen that catches lightning in a bottle that makes the difference. Maybe next year will be that year for us. Unfortunately, we won't know coming out of spring training.


Agreed, but this has still been by far the best year of his career. Not knocking Will -- whose class after Skip's death won't be forgotten -- but he is what he is. A very good situational reliever.


Ohman has been thrown what seems to be every other night. He has been overworked because of the incredibly bad luck with injuries to the starting staff.

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