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Get out of Mommy's basement Mikey.


Yep you pretty much fit the description of a Sox fan.

Mikey O'Sullivan from Newton

You Braves fans are all a buncha hillbilly losers. Red Sox Nation takes over your stadium that's usually half-filled with apathetic rednecks. Losers! The Sox will win the Series again. Chipper Jones couldn't carry Mike Lowell's jock. John Smoltz isn't half the pitcher of Curt Schilling or Josh Beckett. You people are so busy having sex with your sisters and burning crosses you don't know what real baseball is. Go Sox!


Hey Doyle your a borin old jackass! What you got again the Dawgs, the best team in football! Woof woof woof!! Baseball is borin. Braves are even more borin. Git with a winner, you old fool!

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