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Sharon Egan

It's amazing how the seemingly logical conclusion that baseball-loving spring training devotees and Latins, and transplants from markets with longstanding franchises, would support a pro team in Florida has turned out so completely wrong.

Scott Munn

there should be no Major League Baseball in the state of Florida.

it's for spring training and crappy wanna be thug college football.

clete boyer fan

I watched their game last week against the AL West leading Angels only draw around 19,000 fans. Pathetic, especially for a team having their first round of success with the Yanks and Bosox looking up at them. I know that conventional wisdom says that a team which has surprising success usually gets a spike in attendance the following year. That may be true, but the Rays should be averaging about 25 to 30,000 right now.


I'm surprised. I've seen some decent sized, enthusiastic crowds down there on their broadcasts in the last few weeks.

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