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Some Other Mike

Yeah, Pete's saying a Kotsay deal is imminent. This kind of makes me cringe.


Kotsay a late scratch -- the Josh Anderson Era may be about to begin...

Viva Rufino Linares!

I'm glad to see those stats for Devine. The Braves really threw him into a tough situtation for a guy fresh out of college ball to handle. The only way for him to get straighten out was to leave. Which was bad for us.


Speaking of Joey Devine, he has an ERA and WHIP under 1.000 as a setup guy for Oakland.

Willie Montanez

Among the things I have seen enough of this year: Blanco shaking his head after taking a close pitch for a called 3rd strike. Someone please tell him he is not Chipper Jones and the umpire is not going to get those calls.

Nick Johnson? No, he is holding out for Dimitri Young!

Viva Rufino Linares!

I don't see why we shouldn't see Schafer come Sept. 1. The Braves have nothing to lose in calling him up. Would like to see Tommy Hanson too. Even if he gets knocked around a bit, it won't be in the heat of a pennant race, like Joey Devine. It's not going to hurt this team to see what anyone who had been playing well in the minor can do in ATL.


Hopefully Wren won't trade him this winter for Nick Johnson.

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