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Acosta's got such a smooth delivery...I can see him being made into a starter.

Just need to tread water for a bit, especially with everybody in the division doing their annual "I don't know...whadda YOU wanna do?" routine.


I remember before Spring Training started Bobby talked about possibly trying Acosta in the rotation, though let's hope he doesn't turn into another Jorge Sosa (post '04, anyway).


I can see Acosta moving into the rotation a la Jorge Sosa a few years ago. If we could just get a little healthier in the pen, I think it could be the best use of the available resources. A rotation of Hudson/Glavine/Jurrjens/Chuckie/Acosta with a pen of Smoltz/Soriano/Gonzo et al could make some hay.


The best thing about Smoltz is that he wants to pitch and help the team no matter what (the exact opposite of the subject from the prior post). To him if that means returning to the bullpen, then so be it - at least he's game.

This would actually be great for us because it would allow us to use Gonzo, Soriano, Boyer and the others as setup men and long relievers, leaving it for Smoltz to dominate like he did previously as closer.

Bring up Jo-Jo, that way we'll have JJ followed by Chuckie and then another JJ.

This could be a good thing...


I really think Reyes has the stuff to be a fine starter. He just needs some damned confidence. He needs to trust his stuff.

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