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Thanks wuky. I just wish I didn't mean it. i have tickets for all 3 games of the Padres series and I'm beginng to dread going.


sorry boss, can't come in today...my kid twisted my nipple too hard...


My dad made the point the other day that Hampton was likely on 'roids back in the day when he was hurling, and his recent physical frailness could be indicative of the side effects of having done so for years.

Not to try and justify his current situation; if this were true then that would mean he's a cheat, as it is now he's just a nancy-boy who can't step out of bed without pulling a muscle. I'm surprised he hasn't injured a glut from sitting on the bench for so long...

I would definitely be in favor of releasing him, but the thought of the Muts or Phils picking him up and him producing for them would be to much of a slap in the face if it were to happen.

Fuck you Mike.

clete boyer fan

Put his ass on the 60 day DL. Then, after several weeks of care and nurturing, perhaps he can build up enough stamina in his pectoral to pitch as a long reliever once a week. If that doesn't work, trade his ass to a Northern League team for some balls and bats...

Jack Straw

Boss, I won't be coming to work today. My tit hurts.

Willie Montanez

I have a feeling that if they release Hampton, someone else will pick him up and he will win 9 games during the 2nd half.

If they keep him around all year, he will continue to strain/pull/tweak every muscle in his body and never actually make it to the mound in a game.

I am ready to take a chance on the former and lets see if Charley (not Carl) Morton or Jo Jo's circus can give us some innings in the back of the rotation.


The Braves should force Hampton to spend his entire time on the DL with Bob Rathbun.


No, Hampton is George in the episode when he gets a wheelchair to get special treatment for having a disability...geez...


I've got this image of the Seinfeld episode where George says he has the involuntary elbow spasm. Hampton is George. Frank Wren is Lloyd Braun, who gets Hampton/George the doctor appointment. James Andrews is the doctor that tells Hampton/George that he is faking it.


Graeme, that was pretty funny.


If we release the goldbricking s.o.b., he'd turn around and sign with a team more likely to be in contention than the Braves, which may be exactly what he's after. So screw him. We have to pay the bastard anyway, so slap his fragile ass on the 60-day DL, and let him rot for the rest of the season. Only tell him not to come by the clubhouse on days the Braves are at home.


Right you are. When I heard Hamptom would be back this season, I predicted he would not really pitch. He could still prove us wrong, but NOT!!!

He "started to feel it" and asked out of the game. Athletes "feel it" quite often, just ask Smoltz.

Ask Brian Jordan about the stretching. When he was on the team, he could bend like gumby as could Galaraga. Brian certainly did his pregame stretches.

Braves just walked in a run in the 12th against the Nationals. UH OH another heartbreaker. 3-2 in 12.

Does that stupid doorbell millionaire commercial drive anyone else to leap tall buildings to hit the mute button?


Look, the guy is set for life if he never throws another pitch. If my pussy hurt but I was getting paid anyway, I wouldn't dig another goddamned hole in the ground in my life, and I get paid $13/hour, much less several grand just to show up in a uniform. I'd pitch in a MLB game for a PBR afterward. Don't release this cockwad, throw him to the jackals. Once they eat off his left nip, his taint won't spoil nary another ballclub, and the YouTube video would be worth it.

rankin' rob

This is looking more like an 80-82 win team at best. I agree. Cut the malingerer. He obviously doesn't need the money or have any professional pride.

Why don't baseball players like this stretch, work out, or otherwise take care of their bodies? We keep having guys pull hamstrings. Does anybody do any real stretch routines before the games?


I agree 110%. The guy is making a mockery of the entire organization.


I agree.

I don't think I've ever seen an athlete so willing to throw in the towel.

The guy is in his mid-30's. Does he not realize that he only has a few years left to pitch? I mean, if he's gonna wait until he is fresh as a daisy, he may as well quit now.

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