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"He is an elite player and will demand elite money".

So he'll command elite money and what are WE exactly???? a mediocre payroll team or and ELITE team that can provide the investment that a player like TEX requires. Personally i think The Braves have the money to keep TEX and others... that's up to them to make the Investment.

It's just Economics, folks..


I'd be willing to trade Tex for the right combo. Tim at MLBtraderumors.com thinks there's a 10% chance we sign Tex to an extension (sorry, too lazy to post link).

By the way, did you see that ol' Bud's contract has been extended thru 2012? Here's to 4 more years of his ugly mug.


If Boston was willing to give up Buchholz and Youkilis, I'd do that tomorrow. I love Tex and I hope he stays in Atlanta for the rest of his career, but I doubt that will happen. He is an elite player and will demand elite money.

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