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Like your list. I think I might have moved Kearns down a bit in right field, but I agree with just about all of it.

Jim M


ronnie belliard hit 290 with 11 HR last yr. he had a lower OBP and less steals, but a higher OPS (obviously), virtually the same FP, and a better zone rating. if he is 5 then castillo is 5A.

Jim M

just read back thru your post, forgot about replacements. i would've just gone internally. the mets have gotay and hernandez, both 25 and both with promise and an obvious platoon. they seem to love gotay as they wouldn't include him in trades thus far this offseason. damion easly isnt a pretty name, but he hit 280 with 10 HR last year and could provide spot duty.

i would take that trio going into the season way before i would pay luis freaking castillo 25M over 4 yrs (which would never happen). obviously omar loves a deep bench, speed, and defense, but i prefer building from within and giving opportunities to younger players rather than overpay declining average veterans.

Jim M

sorry im not big on trusting people. castillo just signed for 4 yrs/25 mil. eckstein got 1 yr/4.5 mil. i dont like either, all im saying is giving castillo 4 yrs is ludicrous (32 yr old speed-based 2b). and pretty sure the mets would take utley over castillo, just a hunch. also, if the braves traded KJ for castillo straight up, i would be bitter, regardless of anything past 2008. im sure the marlins would feel the same way about uggla.

your argument about winning a WS is confusing and laughable. utley, KJ, and uggla have been in the majors for 4 yrs or less, and winning a WS does not hinge on a 2B or any one position player.

out of castillo's 165 hits last year, 25 were for extra bases! .359 slugging is unreal. i am not saying it is his job to hit doubles, but the post is not team-based. it is the best at the position. his

not sure what the "KJ2" is all about, i said KJ 2, as in second.

Not big on citing espn analysts, but Keith law says it well:

"When his speed goes completely, he'll be a replacement-level player. Because of this, a long-term commitment to Castillo would be insanity. Two years would be the limit of reason, and he's a much better fit for a team that has a .380-400 OBP guy to lead off so it could bat Castillo eighth or ninth rather than succumbing to the temptation to put the formerly fast guy in the leadoff spot."

The real Fred

Jim you are all wrong with Castillo and the Mets totaly wrong. If you are going to move Castillo down dont think your going to move "KJ2" up to 2nd and Uggla 3rd. See cause "KJ2" did nothing in august and sept while Castillo along with Wright and Alou were the best players the Mets had down the stretch. You have to look at the team 1st. The Mets do not need Uggla or Utley Castillo is perfect for the Mets 2 hole he switch hits and hits just as good with 2 strikes as with no strikes so it allows the best base stealer in the game to pick his pitch to run. And although he has declined a bit defensively he's still the best def 2ndbaseman in that group. It went from making the spectacular plays to make every play by him wich everyone is fine with. He's the only in that group who has won a WS also and proved it down the stretch last yr. He stays at 2 trust me. And who were the Mets going to replace him with that would bat 2nd switch hit and defend like him? They tried to get Eckstein but we wanted Castillo money and Castillo was the better fit. Also Alou i'd much rather have at the plate then Burrel not even close. I understand he gets hurt.

Willie Montanez

Good post for discussion.

What a sad collection in LF.

Jim M

agree with most, but 2B is questionable. castillo is an utterly useless singles hitter with diminishing defensive skills. i guess he works with their lineup as a 2 hitter, but i would rather sign a cheap replacement or promote a younger player from within than pay ridiculous money to somebody on the downside who was also rumored to be a bad influence on reyes over the second half of the season.

i realize there is no future element involved here, but as of today i would put KJ 2 and Uggla 3 (or vice versa) with castillo four. i can't believe the mets gave him a multi-year deal. it isnt a ton of money (i think 6 mil per) for the mets, but a really bad deal nonetheless.

i would also put hanley above rollins, but that is more a matter of preference.

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