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Viva Rufino Linares!

We loose two young pitchers for a stop gap. Hate to see Devine go. I think rushing him up just after he was drafted slowed him down, developmentally. Richmond may have been a few years away, but we'll never know now. We needed a CF, but at what cost. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I really hate seeing young pitching leave the organization.


Not sure that I agree with the price we are paying for a one year rental.


PS from previous comment--I did not look at Patterson's stolen-base totals before posting, obviously. However, I still think that a consistent threat at the plate trumps a threat to steal once one gets on base. Patterson should be in his peak production years, and that's true for his stolen bases, but those are usually the first thing to go as a player ages, and the batting average is still, well, average, and the power numbers are lower even than they were in his first few years.


I like the deal. I was hoping against moves for Patterson or Mike Cameron, even before his suspension, because these guys are career .250's hitters with modest homerun totals and way too many strikeouts. Basically Andruw with less power. Kotsay is a professional hitter who doesn't get himself out too much--a career .280 hitter with 70 strikeouts a year--and also a good CF. I'd rather have him in the lineup as well as in the clubhouse as an influence on those young guys we're projecting to take the CF job in the next year or two.

Devine seems to be maturing more slowly than the organization hoped. He looked fine in his brief stints in Atlanta last year, but there has to be something to the fact that he was passed over several times for a permanent job in the big leagues.


Don't like this trade at all. During this off-season, we have now sacrificed all the depth we had in the bullpen, with the last piece going for an aging, injury-prone center fielder. Remember how we supposedly had tremendous depth in the starting rotation last year? And that we limped through midseason with Buddy Carlyle starting every fifth game? I doubt Kotsay makes it to September as the regular center fielder. And I'm reasonably convinced that the bullpen will wind up biting us on the ass, hard. Free-agent Corey Patterson would have been a far better option. I'm really tired of seeing of us trade promising kids from tired has-beens.


Have to throw a little credit CB's way. He said yesterday he thought Devine might go in this deal. I'm fine with the deal, but like SOM, I'm sorry Joey won't get another shot here. If Gorkys and Schafer and B. Jones progress as expected, along with Anderson we could have a slew of young outfielders. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out. Plus, where will Lillibridge end up? If Yesco becomes a fixture at short, do they move Lilli to the outfield, deal him, maybe shift him to third? Chipper can't play forever.

On another note, did anyone go to the fan fest? Sounds like they had a good turnout, which is nice.

Some Other Mike

I'm disappointed to see Devine doesn't get a chance to redeem himself (more like, redeem the Braves for burning him twice), but if Kotsay's in one piece, we'll have ripped off Oakland again.

Willie Montanez

I hate to see Devine leave, but a healthy Kotsay really solidifies the team.

You guys have given us plenty on the blog this past year, you deserve a little down-time.


They say that Kotsay's wife is pretty hot.


Kotsay's a great move (and so is the Falcon's apparent hiring of Tom Dimitroff, btw). So far a somewhat positive start for the hometown teams in '08 - not counting the Hawk's win invalidation.

Also, both you and CB are forgiven, however the winter nights have been cold and lonely with out you.


Works for me, especially on these terms. He's a pro.

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