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Are Craig T. Nelson and his bumbling assistant, Jerry Van Dyke, available?

clete boyer fan

Hey CD, the Cubs actually tried a rotation of coaches back in the early Sixties. They called it the College of Coaches; four coaches would take turns being the "Head Coach" throughout the season. As you might guess, it was a pretty big dud.


I'd rather talk minor league hockey than steroids.


How about throwing June Jones into the mix for some run-n-shoot every 5th day, i mean week?

rankin' rob

Enough Falcons football here. How's about some more steroids talk?


I suggest a rotation of head coaches. The other teams won't know what kind of offense they'll face, so they won't know how to prepare. The rotation could be somthing like this: Glanville, Campbell, Henning, Bennett, Fratello, Haas, repeat.


I'm not surprised at all that the deal fell through. Still, Parcells is a douchebag for leaking the story last night (how else would Mort get the story?), then reneging on the deal today.

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