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I always sort of liked him.

Oh, well.


I witnessed the titanic struggle between Berroa and Jeff Wetherby during spring training 1989 for a roster spot at RF. Berroa won out and began the season in a platoon with Tommy Gregg. We ended up trading for Oddibe and putting Murph in right. Reason 872 why 1989 sucked.


living in toronto,, i was pumped that my bravos stole him from the jays in the rule 5 draft ( If i am not mistaken he hit 40+hrs in AA, the previous year). Then on a piss poor braves team he sat on the bench and did not play. That made no sense to me . Then the following year he was AAA guy that got a brief call up. I assumed late bloomer finally got a crack at the show by the cash cautius A's,, but he was juicing it and then bam.

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