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Best on-the-field f-bomber, too. By a million miles.


I have closely followed Maddux's career since he was a Cub. As a big Braves fan, when he signed with the them, I was thrilled. He has been and always will be the baseball player I admire the most. From watching almost every game he pitched with the Braves, I can tell you he was always better than his record indicated. Glavine would continually rack up 20 win seasons and Maddux would be just a bit short almost every year. He never received the support that he should have. If he had played for the Yankees offense, he would have over 400 wins right now. I was sad to see Greg go, but he will always be the player I most like watching.

Viva Rufino Linares!

I think after Maddux is finished most baseball fans will realize just what he accomplished and figure out what we already know. In an era of power hitting (steroid enhanced or not) and small ballparks, Maddux has done everything Clemens has done, just 10 miles an hour slower and much more consistently. I just hope he knows when to exit, unlike Clemens.


I won't go off on my usual rant about how too many people don't really value the art of pitching these days because they're too busy kissing the ass of Clemens, Randy Johnson and the like (unless someone requests it - tee hee), but...

I have to say that when I saw yesterday that Greg had reupped for another year that I thought, deep down (although I know he'd never admit it publicly), he wants to finish ahead of Clemens and maybe even wants to catch Warren.

His is a classic case of people not appreciating what they are seeing or, at best, taking it for granted.

rankin' rob

And don't forget--Clemens is an asshole, Maddux is one of the mild-mannered good guys.

Jack Straw

Curious thing about Clemens. During the early to mid 90s, what should have been his prime, he was rather mediocre. Things began ramping up again as he approached his mid thirties. Maddux never had the half-assed seasons during his prime that Clemens did. Plus, the incident where he threw the bat piece at Piazza. I have never liked Roger Clemens, and I don't trust his statistics any more than I trust Barry Bonds'.

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