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Mike De la Hoz

If things progress during the remainder of July and early August (translation: We move back into first place and are looking for veteran bench additions). I thing a solid veteran lefty bat who can PH, play left field and first would be Matt Stairs.

Julio is a credit to humanity and a credit to the game and it would be a "nice" thing if we brought him back but, WOULD IT MAKE SENSE FOR THE TEAM?


we need Julio and he needs us. Maybe we could reverse the current platoon-Salty vs. righties, Julio vs. lefties? Certainly better than Thor. Even if he doesn't hit any better, he'd be playing less than Thorman is now, and providing a lot of experience and leadership. But I think he still has some gas left in the tank. He'll hit better than .200.


Julio! Julio! We want Julio!

clete boyer fan

As long as the Braves are carrying 12 or 13 pitchers on their staff, I see Julio as a luxury that's hard to afford. He's strictly a first baseman. It would make more sense to bring up Prado or acquire a guy like Jeff Conine, who can play 1B and both corner outfield positions.


Anyone else think that the addition of Henderson to the coaching staff and the release of Julio may have been related? I've seen enough of Rickey's comments about Julio being older than him and still playing to lead me to believe that Rickey might have been jealous of Julio. Here's what Rickey said last May:

"Julio's out there. I know I can play with Julio," Henderson said. "You need to name a whole lot of players before you get to Julio. ... "

Or maybe that's just Rickey being Rickey.


I miss LaRoche -- what a goofball. Every team should have one.

rankin' rob

I tuned in to the radio broadcast last night just in time to hear Woodward pop up on the first pitch. That roster spot should go to someone, I'm just not convinced that Prado wouldn't be a better fit.

Of course, in a pennant race I think Franco could have some quality at-bats. I'm ambivalent about it. If Cox got Franco back he would give him starts at first base, which could be an adventure. Speaking of adventures at first base, how about that Rochey, fleeing from the ball to the bag to start off our big first inning? He should have tried the 'caffeinated' coffee in the clubhouse before that one, no?


Bring him back. Now.

Even if he continued to hit .200, his veteran leadership and experience is well worth the price of admission. Atlanta is set for the future with several very talented, very young, very raw position players. Heck, some of these guys are playing unfamiliar positions. I'd love to see Julio back in a Braves uniform again, teaching Saltie and Thorman the tricks of the trade at first base.

Plus, we can get rid of Billy Bob Woodward in the process.


Works for me. Remember how gung ho Matt Franco was to play against the Mets after he got here? Juli would be 10X that.

I absolutely despised the way they used him there, strictly as a pinch hitter rather than regularly at first. They signed him solely to get him away from us.


Bring back Julio to where he belongs!!!! I just hated seeing Julio in that ugly Mets uniform, glad he's not there anymore, but I don't want to see him unemployed. Julio would be a great fit to play first once a week and pinch hit. Super idea!!


I would kill to see The Fossil in a Braves uni again, if only to dream of having biceps like that when I'm 90 years old.



Especially with all the young guys on our squad right now. More leadership would do us good.

Trip Bakun

I agree. Let's let Julio clear waivers and then the Bravos can get him for peanuts, right? Anything is better than seeing Woodward batting 8th in the lineup. At this point, I figure that opposing team's pitchers would prefer to face him than the pitcher that is due up next.

Willie Montanez

I am for anything that includes me not having to see Woodward's name penciled in the lineup playing 1B.


It'd be worth it just to see him pinch hit against the Mets.

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