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Larvell Capra

I remember taking in a mid-summer, late-80s clash between the Braves and god-knows-who at Ol' Blue along with about three thousand other souls who had nothing better to do. It was so damn quiet during the games back then -- not a lot of passion or cause for such, and I was sitting down the right field line when I wondered how old Dion James was. Someone suggested I ask him myself. So, in a regular indoor voice, I did just that, and he politely answered me from his post in right field, like we were at an office softball game. Dion was cool, but '85-'90 was a grim-ass period at old FulCo.


10 worse than Puleo?!? That will be impressive.

Jack Straw

Ozzie Virgil.

Jeff M.

Damn, that's going to be a tough task limiting yourself to just 10 crappy Braves... Heck, it'd be tough to name 10 great/good Braves during that period. You have set a high bar, indeed, in limiting yourself to 10 worst of the period. Bravo for the attempt! It won't be pretty. After this, you might try the 10 worst DevilRays of all time!

rankin' rob

Jody Davis

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