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Katherine Rollins

Vic was a neighbor of ours in Cincinnati. While you may not be impressed with his career, Vic and his family were some of the nicest people I've had the pleasure to know. I wish that more athletes possessed the character that Vic did.

Reid Davis

Don't look now, but Vic's one of the Braves alumni signing autographs at today's game.


My family knew Vic when he was with Atlanta. We live up in NJ and every time the Braves came to Shea, he made sure to get my grandfather extra tickets so us grandkids could come along.

He once took my brother into the locker room before the game. A moment my then 11-12 year old brother will never forget.

After the game, he would take us all out to dinner at some fancy NY place.

I find this site by chance and really don't know who you are, but don't call Vic a hack unless you have major league stats to back up that you were an all-star.

Seems Vic was around for some signicant events. When Aaron crosses the plate after 715, that's Vic in the catcher's gear greeting him. When Rose broke the NL consecutive hit streak in Shea, we were there again courtesy of Vic.

Leave the BirdMan alone...

Glenn Anderson

Hello Rowland

I was your Bat Boy "BB" in 1977. I know you won't remember me, but how are you?


I'm pretty sure Ernie called him "the Squire of Statesboro", not the mayor.

Does that ring any bells for you?

clete boyer fan

Aah, Bob Didier! He hit .256 as a 20 year old rookie in the 69 division championship year; all while catching three knuckleballers throughout the year (Knucksie, Hoyt Wilhelm, Ken Johnson). The next year, though, he hit .149 and was on the road to oblivion.

One guy who I never saw play, but have faint memories of in his first year as a broadcaster with the Braves in '69 was Bob Uecker. His hitting stats in '67 are terrible, but he served as Niekro's personal catcher that year, when Knucksie had a breakout season and won the ERA title. Knucksie has always given Uecker a lot of credit for giving him confidence in throwing the knuckleball in tight situations.


p.s. Can we only refer to Bako as Gabor II? He was about as charasmatic as stale meatloaf.


Hey, can Charlie O'Brien's perm-fried mullet be classified as an individual entity? Cause, if so, that was also bad.

Chris Jackson

Vic Correll is a hero of mine for one reason when I was a kid heading in to the hospital for sternum surgery I received an autographed baseball from him and an autograph from him out side the stadium
You may not have liked him as a player, that's fine but don't EVER discredit him as a man!! if you do that then sir you are a disgrace!!!
Chris Jackson

Jack Straw

Somebody who doesn't make the list is Bob Didier, the semi-regular cather in 1969. Couldn't hit a lick, but made the club because, in fact, he could catch Niekro pretty well.

Correll was a hack. As I recall, he hit a little when he first came up, for about 2 weeks or so. Everybody spent the next several years waiting for him to get hot again.


I suspect a lot of those errors were on throws to second. Knucksie would cause more passed balls than errors, I think.

rankin' rob

I once chased Vic Correll halfway the length of Perimeter Mall to get him to autograph my baseball at the conclusion of a Braves Pre-Season Caravan Appearance. He was wearing 70's vintage checked double-knit slacks, white loafers with no socks. Statesboro-stylee!

I'd cut him some slack on those error numbers. Most catchers who caught Niekro didn't have the best defensive statistics. They spent the day before catching him thinking about catching him the next day.

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