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By the way, I love the Round Mound of Meltdown moniker. I thought of another one last night - Cy Dung.


Congratulations to Danny Boy for setting the bar high when it comes to incompetence.

I'm surprised Rico Brogna didn't crack the Top Ten. He was so bad in 2001 that we pulled in a crackhead off the streets to take his place, and he was coaching football before the season ended.


That entire '05 season was a scare. Can't believe we then basically went thru an entire second season with a hapless pen and closer. Reitsma was almost as scary as Kolb.

What luck.


Okay, I feel better, now.

That guy who negotiated for the owners before the '94 strike always reminded me of Principal McVicker (or "McDicker", as Butthead called him.)

Thanks for at least squeezing a few laughs out of all that torture.

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