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German Jimemez! COME ON DOWN!!!


Truth is it's hard to find really bad Braves, besides relievers who pitched 5 or 6 innings in a season, from the past 10 years. Now if we go back and do the '80s, then we're shooting fish in a barrel.

Jack Straw

A questionable pick, but not wholly undeserving. As a Braves fan, it was necessary to learn to generate optimism where little was warranted. I thought Odalis was destined to be a consistent winner, almost like Glavine. (I also thought Eddie Haas was the next Earl Weaver).

Speaking of weight, I read where Chipper did not work out over the offseason, and is at 225 pounds. Further, he isn't concerned about it. My Labrador Retriever has a bum leg and I have to watch his weight. If Chipper's feet give him trouble, maybe a few less pounds would help. Let me guess: Chipper will go 21-78-.277 in 104 games.


If you guys let that gaping schmoe Kolb off the hook, I will be very disappointed.

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