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My point is that Giles knows the business of baseball, and he shouldn't be whining that the Braves didn't give him more time to find a job. Not like he's playing Tampa Bay or anything. The Braves tried to trade him, but couldn't. Should they just let him walk for nothing without trying just to give him more options? And again, he could've stayed had he asked for less money. Maybe I was a little hard on him, but at best he comes off as extremely naive.


What did he say that's so awful? I honestly don't get it.


Couldn't agree with you more, CB


I don't think it was a question of loyalty -- everybody, including Giles, knew he wasn't coming back. He seemed to accept that.

What upset him seems to be that a lot of teams needed second baseman, but because of the delay forced by the ultimately unsuccessful Linebrink deal, he was put in the position of getting neither a long-term deal (all the other FA 2Bs had found homes by then) or an arbitration award from the Braves or the Padres. It cost him a lot of money.

I think I can sum it up thusly:

Q: What's a couple of million dollars to a millionaire?
A: A couple of million dollars!

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