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Scott Munn

we gotta keep Hampton!
too many years waiting around and he throws deeper than most of our other 'starters'. rotation should be JJ, Hampton, Smoltz, Glavine, plus one next year!

I like Anderson in center.
I say trade Schafer.

Corky Miller is a JOKE! ...i cannot understand why he is a pro.
He needs to be the bullpen catcher/coach in AA ball or something.
Why bring him up when we have Sammons to back up McCann?

Sharon Egan

Corky Miller is back with the Braves. Madness reigns over our fair city.


O'brien writes on his blog that he would not be surprised if they deal Hampton. That would be interesting. Pitching is scarce, but is it that scarce?

Viva Rufino Linares!

That is dissappointing but agree the reasons are sound. Seeing Hanson and Schafer would have made September watch-able though. Are they done with their moves then? Sounds like it.

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