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Hey all: "JC" over at sabernomics wrote an article why the Bravos should sign Barry "Big Head" Bonds.


Viva Rufino Linares!

Here, Here!! I'd take a few off years and keep the talent in the minors for the future, as opposed to getting a rental player or a guy that is an unknown quantity. Bay was pathetic last year, not sure about this. The trade for Tex should be a cautionary tale. The front office gave up a lot future for what now appears to be very little. No Mahay and Tex will walk or get traded. We have to keep guys like Hanson, Hernandez, Hayward, etc. If we don't, then we are the Yankees South.


Couldn't agree more, CB. Wren will truly make his mark if we return to the World Series two or even three years from now with young, homegrown talent, rather than limp into the playoffs with rented mercenaries this year and maybe the next. I'm all for trading Tex, but I'd prefer to keep Huddy. Hudson's actually from the area and seems to really appreciate the opp'ty to pitch for the home team.


Agreed, though I think you're overstating the potential of Blanco and Anderson. I think they're back-ups, at best. Too bad you couldn't combine the two, as Blanco gets on base at a better clip than Anderson, who is a much bigger threat on the basepaths. And Blanco's defense hasn't impressed me all that much. Haven't seen enough of Anderson with the glove to make a judgment.


if we're talking about outfielding talent for the future, I think we've got it...between Blanco, Anderson, Hernandez, Schafer, we ought to let them develop. If there is anything we need to think about bringing in young replacements for, it's Tex himself. Just like the "who replaces Andruw" problem last year, we are going to have a huge hole to fill at first base the instant he's gone. I don't want Thorman to pick up where he left off. Dude is at triple-A and is only hitting .250 and on pace to strike out over 100 times.

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