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Some Other Mike

I've been waiting for the Rays to break out for a few years now; ever since I noticed them beating the Yanks and Sox in August and September (whichever season the Rays opened in Japan). It's good to see the ascendancy in progress.

I'd much rather put up with Cubs (and/or WhiteSox) fans than RedSox fans. Between the Cubs and Obama, you'll be hearing from Chicago a _lot_ over the next few years.



I do not blame you at all for the piano comment. I was at Twain's last night, and one of the trivia teams was called, "The Cubs Suck!!". I couldn't help but laugh, because it's true.

Ever since 2003 I have hated the Cubs for their Red Sox-like asshole fans.

I'm also happy for Tampa; I hope they can win that division or at least snag the wild card and make a nice playoff run.


"Also, once they get a new ballpark, that should be a great place to check out a game (will be in walking distance to bars in St. Pete)."

actually, the proposed site is about a mile away from the trop, so it's more of a move across the street than from another section of the city. and one of the big reasons attendance stinks is that the rays are in st. pete and not in tampa, but that's a long story.


i've been watching the rays since 2004, usually as a distraction if nothing else was on to at least see baseball, albeit very bad baseball, expect vs the yankees. of course, i latched on to the team, and started getting into them last year with a core that looked like they were heading somewhere. even though i expected them to play good baseball this year, i'm shocked that this team that used to be the joke of mlb has the best record halfway through. watching rays games is actually fun now and i look forward to when they are on fsn florida. now is as good as time as ever to go to the trop and enjoy my first ever rays game live. with the braves unlikely to get to the playoffs this year, i'm probably going to adopt the rays as my new al team (i've been fringing in dumping the rangers for some time now)

btw, kazmir is my fav ray, he reminds me a bit of jake peavy, i'm glad he's not a met and out of that toilet bowl called shea. i don't know the entire rays lineup yet, but i will learn in the next couple of weeks. let's see, aki, crawford, longoria, navarro, upton...


Yeah - it is great for Tampa. They've got a solid young, exciting team that should be good for years. Also, once they get a new ballpark, that should be a great place to check out a game (will be in walking distance to bars in St. Pete).

On the other hand, is it wrong for me to want a giant piano to fall on Wrigley Field and all their blowhard, pain in the ass fans?

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