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clete boyer fan

WTF! This isn't a travel day. So why isn't there a game tonight?!? Goddamn Fox... No wonder they have game 7 of the World Series scheduled for November 1.


Granted, it was pretty stupid, but ARod's Ruth Buzzi slap with (as the guy says in that documentary) those Hamburger Helper gloves was far worse.

Alex, as talented and dangerous as he is on the field, has never grasped some elementary rules about what is and isn't accepted in major league play (which I know can also be said about Manny, but he wasn't affecting the outcome of the game, just being a hosehead.)

Francona is going to come in for more than his share of this for starting Wakefield, but that was the right call. They need to be upset about that overpaid dope Matsuzaka and that loudmouth ass Schilling putting them down 1-2 before Tim ever got to the mound last night.

The one place they have a real gripe about Francona is in his playing Drew over Ellsbury. Drew is actually managing to live down to your lampoon of him here.


Manny was bush league - and baseball players are to buddy-buddy/candyass to do anything about it.

Where have you gone Bob Gibson? A nation turns it's vindictive eyes to you...


Does do the heart some good, doesn't it.


Reminds me of Deion prancing after an interception when the Falcons were losing by 30.


Oh...and Manny's homer pose was the very definition of bush. At least A-Rod was trying to make a play in a tight game back in 2004. Manny was just jerking it in the middle of a drubbing.


Yeah, I'm being premature but couldn't resist.


I'm holding off until the toe-tag is affixed and the bag is zipped...but once I do start, I plan on being insufferable. Especially to the ones I know who are lapsed Braves "fans." No greater sin...

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