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Only if he 'fessed up about how many of the '93 Phils were on the juice.

Willie Montanez

If we sign him, maybe Schilling will blog on Rowland's Office like he used to blog on Sons of Sam Horn.

Jack Straw

I think Dontrelle Willis could be had. Get him and Carl Crawford if we allow Andruw to go. Horses are hard to find these days.


Remember Bluto's reaction when Kent (Flunder) Dorffman's slide came up in the pledge review? That's me.

I have gotten to the point where I can tolerate his existence, mainly because he helped humiliate the Yankees in 2004, but this is a stretch, even if he was able to offer anything in terms of skills.


He's only thrown 200 innings twice in the past five seasons, including this year, when it won't happen. I don't spend that kind of money on a 41-year-old jack ass.


Well, if I remember correctly, Sheff managed to keep his mouth shut when he was in a Brave uniform. As did Just Disabled Drew...he even wasn't disabled as often as in any other year. If Schilling could keep his mouth shut too, I wouldn't feel too bad about him being one of us...except even when his mouth isn't moving, it still seems like it's all about him. Kinda like the Boston version of Clemens. Now there's a guy I would never want to see wearing a tomahawk across his chest. So...I guess I'm on the fence.


I can't even put into words how badly I never, ever want to see Curt Schilling in a Braves uniform. I'm grinding my teeth just typing it.

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